Rebecca Frishman is currently a graduate student at West Virginia University studying Integrated Marketing Communications. She is planning to graduate in May 2016 with her MSIMC. She received her Bachelors of Science in Business Administration, with two specializations, marketing and management, from the University of Nebraska-Omaha.
Rebecca is currently free-lancing, but actively searching for a company to plant her roots. She is hoping to get a job in the fields of marketing and communications. Her dream job would be to work for a sports team. She enjoys the high energy and fast paced work that is required in the Sports & Entertainment fields.
She found her love for marketing her junior year of high school when she took a marketing class and joined DECA. She then tried to expand her knowledge of all things business related, especially marketing. One thing that has evolved over the years is her interest in emerging media and the new trends.
Rebecca describes herself as a dreamer and considers herself a continuous student of life. She has concern for the tiniest deal while retaining the broadest vision. Please feel free to keep up with her by following her blog and social media pages.
Special note: The views, expressions, rants, and thoughts are Rebecca’s and do not reflect those of her employers or organizations in which she is associated.

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